Force and Motion


Force and Motion.

 This May, Comfort Station gives over its entire space toward exploring “performance” in a variety of contexts, with full programming every weekend of the month. From experimental sound art and performances combining video projection and movement, to a weekend of loud Latinx-fronted bands, Force and Motion aims to re-imagine and recontextualize how bodies, sound and vision occupy our space. 

May 1 – 6: Curated by Cat Bluemke

                     May 01 @ 7:00pm: Therapy Font performance

                     May 05 @ 7:00pm: “Capital Formation” Performances by Ayesha Singh, Cat Bluemke, Marcela Torres,

   Máire  Witt O’Neill, Misael Soto

                     May 06 @ 12:00pm: Cat Bluemke, Ayesha Singh performance “Soft Capital”


May 11 – 13: Estación Brutalísima
                     May 11 @ 7:30pm: Erzulie

                     May 12 @ 7:30pm: The Feral Ghosts

                     May 13 @ 7:30pm: The Avantist


May 18 – 20: MOCREP

a two day-long performance in which four members of Mocrep attempt to redefine their own ideas of time keeping, productivity, and community through ritualized work. 

May 25 – 27: Theater and Dance Weekend

                     May 11 @ 7:30pm: Runaways Lab Theater presents The Blue Hour

                     May 11 @ 7:30pm: J e l l o Performance Series: New Spaces curated by Tuli Bera

                     May 11 @ 7:30pm: Hot Kitchen Collective