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Comfort Film Programming staff is made up of:

Raul Benitez  Lead Film programmer.
Nando Espinosa  Lead Film programmer.
Clare Manning  Assistant Film programmer.
Emily Perez  Assistant Film programmer.

SCARY STORIES: A Windy City Horrorama Presentation


Tomorrow Comfort Film welcomes Alex Vasquez and Matt Storc of Windy City Horrorama, an upcoming weekend long horror festival to be hosted for the first time on April 27-29th in the newly reopened Davis Theater for a screening of Scary Stories (2018). For a summary of this film and to RSVP, check it out our Facebook event. 

I was able to talk to Matt Storc, Chicago Events Coordinator for and festival co-runner. 

"We’re not Hollywood, We might be someday, but we’re not right now."

M: I think Chicago really has an infectious DIY attitude about low budget filmmaking. Look, we're not Hollywood, we might be someday, but we're not right now. That hasn't stopped the talented minds in this great city from doing whatever it takes to get their projects made. The attitude of scrappily getting things made really shows that people want to be doing this and it isn't just a job or gig. The passion for the horror genre is so...passionate, for lack of a better way to say it. These fans truly love this genre. When you mix a passionate fandom with a love of creating cinema by any means necessary, it’s a beautiful thing. 

     As soon as I started going to film festivals, I knew I wanted to try to do my own. After running horror Society movie Nights in Chicago for around 2 years I finally saw my in to try this out. I met Alex when we were both working for the Chicago International Film Festival and we developed a friendship. Knowing his background in Festival work, we put this together. I would say it was the combination of doing the double features that I had been doing in the city and meeting Alex that made us want to work together and make this a reality.

     Our goal is really to bring together all the different fans of genre films in one place. There's so many different film festivals in the city that cater to either micro-budget genre work or bigger budget affairs. But I wanted to do something that brought all of that together, an all-encompassing Festival, so that we could bring in the fans of more of the artsy micro-budget stuff, fans of higher end genre work, specific genre stars and a mix of cult classics.   

"My hope Is that this year's Fest gets the word out, and shows that we're serious about this, and then next year we can make Chicago a destination for genre film festivals and genre filmmaking."

 The Windy City Horrorama festival features a selection of short films, one of which is shown before each feature presentation. 

M: The shorts came to us and were submitted through our filmfreeway portal. We weren't sure going in that we are going to pair shorts with features in the beginning, but after we saw the great work that was coming in we knew we had to do that. We wanted to get as many eyes as possible on these incredible shorts. As an untested Film Festival, this being our first year, I was afraid the shorts would get lost if we did a shorts specific program. In doing the pairing with the features, hopefully audience members feel it's more bang for their buck and they get to see two great films on a single ticket.

     We chose the Davis simply because we love the theater. I'm from Chicago, and I used to go there all the time. I think I saw Twilight there, haha. I've since moved into the area of Lincoln Square, which I love, but unfortunately when I moved in, the Davis was under its year or so long renovation. I was so pumped to see it re-open. Luckily, that kernel of the idea for the fest was born then. The Davis was newly re-opened and hungry for content, I think. Alex and I went there around this time last year and pitched them the idea for the fest, and that was the beginning of our partnership. I say partnership because the theater has been great about advertising the fest to their outlets while we're kind of plugged in to the Horror community. Plus, the theater is absolutely beautiful after the renovation. We had to be a part of that.

     In terms of inspiration, for the film festival itself, two of my favorite festivals that I've been to the past couple years were the Telluride Horror Show in Telluride Colorado and Panic Film Fest in Kansas City Missouri. While I didn't want to model Horrorama after those, I really paid attention to what they were doing, and so how we could maybe adapt some things to our model. Hopefully we can make this Festival super fun for both filmmakers and fans like those Fests are. It may seem generic, but the films that really inspire me are the exciting Independent films coming out of the horror genre. If you look at wide releases like Get Out or this year's A Quiet Place, I think the genre is headed in a very exciting direction. There's also great stuff coming out of no Budget Cinema as well. As a horror fan there's a lot to devour right now. And I'm honestly very excited by all of it.


Windy City Horrorama presents Scary Stories (2018) for free at Comfort Film on April 17th at 8 pm. Bring your friends. 

Get your tickets for the festival at and keep up with Matt Storc at





Guest curator series Ytasha Womack


Tonight at 8pm we launch our Guest Curator series where we invite Film programmers from smaller venues to present a screening. 

We kick things off with Ytasha Womack who is presenting A Love Letter to the Ancestors From Chicago (2017) 
Akounak tedalat taha tazoughai (2015)
(Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red in It)

Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red In It is considered the Nigerien version of Purple rain and A Love Letter to the Ancestors from Chicago is Ytasha's afrofuturism film. 


About Ytasha: Ytasha L. Womack is author and creator of the Rayla 2212 series. An award winning author and filmmaker,her books include Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy CulturePost Black: How a New Generation is Redefining African American Identity and Beats, Rhymes and Life: What We Love & Hate About Hip Hop. Rayla & The Red Rock debuts at C2E2 2015. Her sci fi film Bar Star City goes into production Summer 2015. When she’s not writing, she’s dancing or off drinking ginger beer and red tea. She resides in Chicago.

First screening of the 2018 season Uninsurable A Documentary Series


For are first screening of the year we welcome Anya Solotaire, Mimi Wilcox, and Clare Austen-Smith as they present Uninsurable a documentary series. 


"UNINSURABLE is a series of short documentaries that explores the challenges of healthcare in America through telling the stories of people across the country. UNINSURABLE sheds light on the work that needs to be done to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare. This will provide a visual record of the current state of healthcare in America. As we live through this tumultuous political climate, it aims to cut through politicians’ gesturing and tell real stories of people’s experiences."

There is going to be a panel discussion after the screening to discuss the topics brought up in the series. The panelist are 

Marianela D’Aprile who is is the Secretary of the Chicago Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Johnathan Kibort. Jonathan leads the Organizing for Action online advocacy and volunteer mobilization efforts, while coordinating strategy for a national coalition of health care partner organizations.

November screening schedule.

The November schedule is finalized! Join us as we feature a web series by Akanksha CruczynskiRick Prelinger and his Lost Landscapes, Chicagoland Shorts vol 3 by Full Spectrum Features, the First Nations Film and Video Festival,several screenings with Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMFest) 2017 and another installment of Released and Abandoned: Forgotten Oddities of the Home Video Era with Paul Freitag-Fey.

John Carpenter Ticket Giveaway at Tonight's Screening.


Guess what everyone! We have a special giveaway for this screening tonight. In partnership with Live Nation Chicago everyone that comes to the screening will be entered in a drawing to win two tickets to the John Carpenter Live concert at the Aragon Ballroom November 9th. He is going to perform all of his Greatest Movie Scores. So not only come see a crazy film about a giant Brain controlling people through a TV BUT you can win tickets to this great show. Also you can still get tickets for this amazing concert here
See you tonight! Screening starts at 8pm.