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Digital Fountain - Jarad Solomon.png

Digital Fountain

By Jarad Solomon

Exhibition Dates: January 13th to February 18th, 2018

Viewing Hours: 24/7 outside viewing.

The installation “Digital Fountain” is a 24/7 video loop rear-projected into the windows of Comfort Station for the months of January and February. The digital fountain is made to be walked past, and generally lived around. It is always changing, so never the same when examined closely, but also constant and comforting, like running water. More than 100 waterfalls (each running about 5-10 minutes) make the transition between waterfalls unlikely to experience midstroll, it also guarantees a new waterfall on the return walk. Locals can live around the digital fountain for months and still find something fresh and new in its experience.

Jarad Solomon is an artist, designer, and educator based in Chicago, Illinois. Solomon received his BA from UCLA in design media art, and his MFA from SAIC in Art and Technology. Solomon’s work is inspired by collection and methods of abstract analysis. The work manifests in diverse forms between the fields of new media, public installation, and printed matter.

2018 List of Artists

January and February - Jarad Solomon
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April - Lauren Carter & Nico Gardner
July - Devin Balara
August - Luis Mejico and Marie Baldwin
September - Poe Hammer (Alberto Aguilar & Alex Bradley Cohen)
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November - Amadeo Morelos
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2017 List of Artists

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March - ACRE partner gallery show featuring Sae Jun Kim
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September - Logan Square Historic Photo Show and Jillian Hansen-Lewis
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November - Daniel Hojnacki
December - Curated by Ben Fuqua - Work by Zeyi Li, Miri Phelps, and Patrick Wilkins

2016 List of Artists

January Amelia Charter
February - Chiara Gialbmerti
MarchE. Aaron Ross
April - Suzanne Gold
MayACRE partner show featuring Tegan Brace & Briony Galligan
June - The Verancular Photography Festival
August - Robot Rauschenburg
October - Juneer Kibria
November - Lawrenece Keaty & Aaron Bos-Wahl
December - Caroline Caflin & Noel Fetting-Smith

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