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Daniel Hojnacki: Where House Used to Be


November 4 - November 30, 2017

Opens Saturday, November 4, 5-8pm


Daniel Hojnacki’s exhibition “Where House Used to Be” reflects on the universal memories of spaces we call “home”. Using personal inherited archives as a catalyst to express a fascination into visualizing how the house is remembered and forgotten. Hojnacki reminisces on our collective evolution of memory and the persistence of the reality to those memories over passing time.

Using traditional photographic processes and materials in unconventional ways, Hojnacki allows material experimentation to guide him. His process-focused practice produces work which appears organic, mysterious and texturally rich, evoking a sense of time and place without clearly calling it out.

Transforming the already home-like structure of Comfort Station, Hojnacki will invite the viewer to contemplate a domestic landscape as he attempts to piece together disjointed parts of memories lost and forgotten to time.

Hojnacki received a BA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2011. He is an educator for youth in the Chicago area at After School Matters and Marwen Foundation. Hojnacki’s work has been shown nationally and internationally including the Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago,IL), Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (Milwaukee, WI), Tormenta Gallery (La Plata, Argentina), ‘Untitled’ Art Space (Vancouver, BC), Johalla Projects (Chicago, IL), The Franklin (Chicago, IL) and Chicago Art Department (Chicago,IL). His work has been reviewed and published by Hyperallergic, New City Art, LVL 3 Artist of the week, and Specimen La Revue (Lyon, France). He has been awarded the Community Assistance Arts Program Grant (CAAP Grant), the Albert P Weisman Award, and residencies at Residencia Corazón (Argentina) and the HATCH Projects with the Chicago


Special thank you to the Columbia College Chicago Photography department for their support and generosity in the making of this project.

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