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COMING SOON is a site-specific text installation by Jillian Hansen-Lewis in conjunction with the Chicago Architecture Biennial. In the installation, Jillian weaves the language of advertising and affection, interlacing the inside and outside with comfort. 

Greetings from Logan Square: Real Photo Postcards from the early 20th Century  Is a Historical photography exhibit curated by Andrew Schneider, in partnership with Logan Square Preservation.
In 1903 Kodak introduced the No. 3A Folding Pocket camera, designed for postcard-sized film, it allowed the general public to take photographs and have them printed on postcard backs. Kodak’s pre-printed card back meant these postcards were first generation prints made directly from negatives.
While many other types of cameras were used, the popularity of the process meant that Logan Square and other neighborhoods were extensively documented by residents as well as professional studios like M-L Photo, Charles R. Childs, Masure Photo, Barrett Photo and others at the beginning of the 20th Century. The process meant that first generation prints were made on durable material, preserving images of the neighborhood that were taken at a time of immense transition from what was once an area dominated by farmland to a dense and dynamic urban area. Increasingly popular today with collectors due, in part, to the rise of eBay, these postcards were once largely obtained by passionate hobbyists who traveled the country to different shows and thumbed through stacks looking for particular views. If they were lucky they may find one or two new views at each show. One individual spent decades assembling nearly 100 of these postcard views of Logan Square, ultimately selling them to Logan Square Preservation in 2016. None of these images have been previously shown to the public at our exhibit in 2014. GREETINGS FROM LOGAN SQUARE was brought to life with the generous headlining sponsorship of Liberty Bank, serving Logan Square since 1888.
Also sponsoring the show are: R. P. Fox & Associates and Carolyn Fortman and Anna Huls, Realtors with @Properties
Viewing Hours: September 10th, September 17th, and September 24th 10:30-1:00pm.  

2017 List of Artists

January and February - John Clark and Taylor Holloway
March - ACRE partner gallery show featuring Sae Jun Kim
April - Cassie Tompkins
July - Anna Nelson and Yhelena Hall
August - Cathy Hsiao and Kaveri Raina
September - Logan Square Historic Photo Show and Jillian Hansen-Lewis
October - Lucky Pierre
November - Daniel Hojnacki
December - Curated by Ben Fuqua - artists to be announced

2016 List of Artists

January Amelia Charter
February - Chiara Gialbmerti
MarchE. Aaron Ross
April - Suzanne Gold
MayACRE partner show featuring Tegan Brace & Briony Galligan
June - The Verancular Photography Festival
August - Robot Rauschenburg
October - Juneer Kibria
November - Lawrenece Keaty & Aaron Bos-Wahl
December - Caroline Caflin & Noel Fetting-Smith

Selected Press 2016