Film screenings happen every Wednesday at 8pm

Outdoor Film screenings are at dusk (sundown) out on the Comfort Station lawn.

Music performances happen every Thursday at 7pm

Art openings happen the first Saturday of every month, and are displayed for the entirety of the month

All other events happen intermittently


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Innu Nikamu: Chanter la resistance (Comfort Film)

Comfort Film welcomes the First Nations Film and Video Festival as they present: 

Innu Nikamu : Chanter la résistance (2017)
(Innu Nikamu: resist and sing)

A long healing process is chronicled in this documentary that captures the spirit of a people coming to grips with a traumatic history. Innu Nikamu is the name of a major First Nations music festival held each year in Maliotenam, Quebec. For his first documentary, the Innu director sets out to capture the essence of an event that builds bridges, drawing on ancestral traditions to help restore a North Shore community’s sense of who they are. A cinematic legacy for a proud people...

French with English Subtitles
CANADA | 96 MINUTES | 2017

Sun and the Great Frog (2017) 4:37
David Crawler
Joseph Erb
A Cherokee Eclipse Story in the Cherokee Language. A great frog tries to swallow the sun.

The Importance of Dreaming (2017) 10:39
Director: Tara Audibert
Old lonely Owl dreams of having his own family. In his travels he comes upon a large skulk of foxes playing together. Owl thinks they are beautiful and he watches over them for many days and nights. He wishes he could have such a beautiful family. One Fox is different, she notices Owl and watches him. Owl flies down to meet her and showing off his charms, becomes a part of the skulk. Foxx and Owl fall in love, but their love is met with contention driving Foxx and Owl away to try to find happiness together. 

Media: Digital Projection
Total runtime: 1:47:16

About the First Nations Film and Video Festival: The only film festival that deals exclusively with Native American film and video makers across the country, screening new works, some never-before-seen.


Programmed by Raul Benitez and Nando Espinosa Herrera.