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Comfort Society Presents Attachment Theory in Pop Culture with Nora Sharp


This Comfort Society session will introduce attendees to the basic tenets of attachment theory and explore how common attachment patterns show up in popular music and media. If you love music and also want to workshop the struggle of love, this talk is for you. Artists whose music we may consider include The Foundations, Drake, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Outkast, and Mary J. Blige. Group listening with lyrics provided!

Relational attachment theory is foundational to contemporary understandings of how we build and sustain intimacy. Its naming of Anxious, Avoidant, and Secure attachment styles can be a clarifying, informative lens for understanding common relationship challenges. Anyone who has felt incessantly preoccupied about their partner's feelings, or who has found themselves running in the other direction as soon as intimacy presents itself, will see themselves reflected in one or more of these styles. Perhaps more importantly, attachment theory offers the chance for self-awareness that can deliver us from suffering.

By taking material that often lives in the realm of therapy or psychology and analyzing it through the lens of classic jams, we’ll find solidarity in the struggle of common relationship challenges. We’ll see how artists can offer unique insight in our journeys toward interpersonal stability. And we’ll save some time to talk about concrete strategies for working with Anxious and Avoidant patterns that you can carry forward from the afternoon.

About the facilitator: Nora Sharp grew up in Chicago. Nora makes work that blends dance, sound, comedy, cultural commentary, and personal history, and reflects lived experience as a queer white midwestern millennial. In 2018, Nora has been in an artist in residence in Links Hall’s Co-MISSIONS program and at VOLTA Performing Arts as well as a participant in LANDING 2.0 with Miguel Gutierrez at Gibney Dance (NYC) and FIELD/WORK at the Chicago Artists Coalition. Recent collaborations include performances with and for Udita Upadhyaya, Dao Nguyen, the Fly Honey Show, M Wu, and Ayako Kato. Nora facilitates spaces for intra- and interpersonal creative exchange, including Research Project, a bimonthly works in progress performance series at OuterSpace Studios, and an anxiety workshop series at VOLTA. Nora's work is influenced by the pedagogies of somatics, tutoring, organizing, non-violent communication, individual & group therapy, and other contemporary mental health practices. Nora is also in the early stages of building a community-based working artists’ and performers’ emergency insurance fund.

Comfort Society is a weekly speaker series hosted at Comfort Society every Sunday at 1pm from June through October. Comfort Society is proudly supported by Intelligentsia.

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