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Comfort Society: Milanajuhui


During this week's Comfort Society, guests will be invited to interact with our panelists in an interactive performance and conversation utilizing food, our senses, and intuition. Presented by Shivani Patel and Jing Ouyang, and inspired by a 1992 piece performed by Rirkrit Tiravanija.

In 1992, Rirkrit Tiravanija cooked rice and Thai curry for his audiences and blurred the boundary between daily life and institutional art by creating a social space for conversations through food. In our performance, we intend to elaborate on the concept of constructed social experiences as art making and explore the Americanization of Asian food; specifically Indian and Chinese. As a Chinese and an American born Indian living in the United States, we experienced many adaptations of “Oriental” food. The wide acceptance of Asian food is to be celebrated because it constantly helps us refine the way we look at our own cultural identities, but we question the loss of its authenticity since the cultural meanings of the food are re-written in the process of adapting to a broader audience. Inspired by Tiravanija’s piece, we offer an environment for people to participate in creating and sharing Chinese and Indian food, while we facilitate discussions around appropriations of Asian food and the tension between embracing and rejecting cultural appropriations.

Comfort Society is sponsored by Intelligentsia.