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Comfort Society Presents Olivia Engobar/Plz Be Careful

“There’s something about how the words soil and soul are the same. There is a universal language, a way in which we are all connected, and by we, I mean me, I mean you,I mean this air we breath, the plants that make this air we breath, the very soil that gives birth to those plants that make this air we breath. Soil is a birthplace. It is the source of all life. It is from the soil that all things sprout. It is from the soil where those things that die return.We can understand the soul because we can understand soil. In fact we can understand everything by just taking a look outside" - Olivia Engobar

Join us for a conversation with fashion designer/environmentalist Olivia Engobor for on topics of ethical fashion, revolution, communion with nature and the role of fashion in the 21st century. Following the discussion, Olivia will give a brief workshop and tutorial on how to create your own clothes through the use of used garments and scrap materials!

About the speaker: Olivia Engobor is a Chicago based artist from Jos, Nigeria whose works focuses on using fashion as a platform to further the discussion of environmentalism and traditional healing practices in urban environments. She works with many different mediums as an artist,most commonly however, she is a designer and creative director. She recently launched an eco-centric clothing line called Plz Be Careful which uses garments as an opportunity to center these topics of environmentalism and spirituality. You can learn more about Olivia and her work

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