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Lightlessness Productions presents: Abstr/action + Senses i-v

Comfort Music, every Thursday
Doors open at 7pm, show starts promptly at 7:30pm
No cover (donations encouraged and appreciated!)
**No Alcohol is permitted at Comfort Station**

Matthew James Manowski, founder of LIGHTLESSNESS Productions presents: Abstr/action + Senses i-v. This series focuses on two elements, time and space, with one unique caveat-chance possibilities through instructions for artists, selected at random. Manowski has cultivated a pool of creators from his work with Mozawa and through his annual, Sources of Light experimental music series. For this series he's dipping into the tremendous talents within. This series of exhibitions are entirely ephemeral and singular experiences, which highlight the fleeting nature of both time and space. Performers, media artists, video artists, poets, writers and composers are given the opportunity to explore and react to the theme of time and space. Each exhibition is durational and will cover an array of artistic material. The overarching insinuation of the Abstr/action + Senses i-v is the merging of discovery, improvisatory fluidity and the merging of art and life. Interpretations of the dimensions we experience as humans shifting in real-time are not limited to the actual space at the Comfort Station, collaborators from other national cities and international cities are included in the explorations of time and space through internet transmissions. 

Artists involved: (in no particular order and in no way an exhaustive list of collaborators)

Cassie Brehmer: Performer, and director (Chicago)
Rick Schlude: Sound artist, videographer (Chicago) 
Perfect Messages: Sound artist and visual artist (Chicago)
Joshua Miller: Audio engineer and sound artist (Chicago)
Lindsey Rae Gjording: Video Artist and writer (NYC) 
Rebecca Lund: Poet and writer (Madrid/NYC)
Carolyn Molloy: Actress and performer (Chicago)
David Means: Composer and professor emeritus (MPLS)
Eaglepose: Video artist and performer (Chicago)
Matt Kauffman: Musician (Chicago)
Zach Barr: Musician (Chicago)