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All About Agave with Lou Bank, founder of S.A.C.R.E.D.

You've been reading about mezcal, heard your friends talk about sotol, and are maybe interested in all these fancy tequilas you see behind the bar. Learn how traditional and artisanal agave spirits are made, where you can find the best selections in Chicago, how to drink your way through them once you find them, and how doing so can create a positive impact on the communities producing them. Courtesy of Lou Bank, founder of SACRED: Saving Agave for Culture, recreation, Education, and Development.

More about S.A.C.R.E.D: Saving Agave for Culture, Recreated, Education and Development.

The (relative) boom in interest in agave spirits (mezcal, raicilla, bacanora, tequila, and destilado de agave) has created an economic engine that is sparking enormous changes in the rural Mexican towns where they produce these traditional and artisanal spirits. The young adult male population had been depleted in these small towns, as they went north to make money to send home. But those same adult males are now needed in the towns to make these spirits, and to farm to feed the larger populations. And the increased income is allowing them to build libraries and stock those libraries with books — a scarce resource in rural Mexico.

SACRED is a USA-based, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded by Lou Bank that helps raise money to send to these towns to aid in the building of these libraries; to help replant the agave, to ensure the economic engine doesn't die; and to underwrite the cost to maintain and replicate the water-preservation systems these towns have established to buffer against drought. The fund-raising generally takes the form of tasting events, where participants who make a donation to one of the projects in Mexico are treated to samples of rare agave spirits from these towns. In this way, we like to think we're leveling the playing field: destroying our brain cells while building theirs.

After this event make a contribution to SACRED and get a bonus sample in Logan Square's Agave Triangle!

It’s simple: you make a $25 contribution to replant agave in rural Mexico.

You receive a special POWER Project map for your contribution.

You use that map to head to Mezcaleria Las Flores, Estereo, Quiote, and Masa Azul.

Show your map at each of these fine establishments, and each will thank you with a sample of a different agave spirit! Bonus spirit locations will vary.

Lou Bank runs and consults with nonprofits in Chicago. His enthusiasm for artisanal mezcals led him to rural Mexico in 2008, where he has been visiting frequently ever since, and those visits have led him to evangelize about agave to anyone with the patience to listen.