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Cimmfest 2017 Shorts Film program at Comfort Film.

  • Comfort Station 2579 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

Comfort Film is proud to be a venue once agin for Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMFest)

Presenting three Shorts Film programs.

Saturday Nov. 11
Shorts Program 1: Personality Crises (TRT 84:57)
1) So It Goes (short fiction)
Directed by Justin Carlton
12 minutes
A home-studio singer (screen queen Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is in a creative funk until she meets an oddball bike guy (Ryan Kattner, of Philly experimental band Man Man) for a spontaneous rendering of Van Morrison’s “Jackie Wilson Said.”

2) "Talk Talk" – Kerosene Stars (music video)
Directed by Eden Ames
3 minutes
A femme fatale with Jekyll and Hyde inclinations seduces a suspicious detective.

3) Jon and the Wolf (short fiction)
Directed by Ryan Maples
18 minutes
Geeky Jon is hopelessly hot for teacher – namely, his lovely guitar tutor, Michelle – but she only goes for older jerks. Inspired by legendary rock god Luke Wolf, Jon remakes himself in the Wolf’s image and sets out to win his teacher’s heart.

4) "In the Wind" – Shawn Lidster (music video)
Directed by Julian Grant
4 minutes
When you've lost everything, all you need is love. A post-apocalyptic, steampunk, stop-motion letter of hope.

5) Apocalypse Rock (short fiction)
Directed by Brian Pennington
24 minutes
It’s the end of the world as he knows it, and Tom Harper feels like rocking. From his radio bunker, the last DJ blasts out blazing tunes in hopes of reaching any rockers left alive — or just staying sane.

6) "Jack and the Giant" - A Love Like Pi (music video)
Directed by Kim Pimmel
4 minutes
Analog FX video follows a solitary circle through a journey of wonder, struggle, and celebration.

7) Inward Edward (short fiction)
Directed by Sonia Suvagau
20 minutes
In this dark musical, a pill-popping marriage counselor faces his own deep troubles while he, quite literally, sees the real problems faced by the couples seeking his help.

Shorts Program 2: Magnificent Obsessions (TRT 79:49) 
1) Sweet Pie (short doc)
Directed by Pierce Cravens
10 minutes
Years after giving up his music career to raise a daughter and sell books in the nude in small-town Arizona, Paul Winer — aka Sweet Pie, “the baron of bare-assed boogie” — makes a triumphant return to the New York stage. 

2) Chorus (short fiction)
Directed by César Tormo García
4 minutes
After loudly rehearsing a song in her room, a punky teen endures a lecture from her exacting father on the immutable rules of rock ’n’ roll song structure.

3) The Memories Station (short doc)
Directed by Derek Frank
17 minutes
A warm profile of Bob Bittner, the owner/operator of a family of fan-supported New England radio stations that offer listeners a respite from the harried digital world with a nostalgic blend of American popular music from the ’40s to the ’80s.

4) "Space Hustlin'" – Space Hustler (music video)
Directed by Josh Stone
6 minutes
A kid stuck in detention daydreams the origin myth of a futuristic interstellar hip-hop savior. 

5) Locked Outside (short fiction)
Directed by Ross Richardson
7 minutes
A pair of Parisian skater girls roll from arrondissement to arrondissement to a Tarantino-movie soundtrack, plucking moments of escape from everyday life while being unknowingly pursued by a guy with designs on their boards.

6) Tav Falco: Make Me Know You're Mind (short doc)
Directed by JP Olsen and Kristen Nutile
13 minutes
The mercurial mondo Memphis rocker and "art-action provocateur" is captured at the outset of his 2015 North American tour in a short that will leave you hoping there's a Falco feature in the works.

7) Reborn (short doc)
Directed by Andrew Margetson
5 minutes
After recovering from a terrible foot injury, Lauren Cuthbertson, principal dancer at Britain's Royal Ballet, reflects on the brutal reality of being a top ballerina and performs a mesmerizing solo piece.

8) The Man Is the Music (short doc)
Directed by Maris Curran
19 minutes
Outsider artist Lonnie Holley invites us into his world, where he uses his music and found-object art to create beauty in response to the trauma of a life lived on the edges of society.

Shorts Program 3: Dark and Troubling Things (TRT 83:10)
1) Psychogenic Fugue (short fiction)
Directed by Sandro Miller
20 minutes
John Malkovich re-enacts famous scenes from the David Lynch oeuvre as only he can, and adopts the guise of Lynch himself to drop nuggets of gnomic wisdom, in this trippy homage by noted Chicago photographer/filmmaker Sandro, made in collaboration with Lynch’s meditation-minded foundation.

2) "Night" – Reptoids (music video)
Directed by Yeva Dashevsky and Conor McCaffrey
2 minutes
A madman stalks his victims in genuine 16mm in this old-school horror homage from Chicago's own Reptoids.

3) Melodica (short fiction)
Directed by Rachel Monosov
27 minutes
A young couple and an older woman have a collective existential breakdown in a remote and incredibly designed house. An ominous meditation on reality and art co-scored by CIMMfest's George Lepauw.

4) "Stardust" – Next Is Best (music video)
Directed by Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier
4 minutes
A recently deceased woman must defeat Death in an underworld dance battle to make it back to the land of the living.

5) Black Guitar (short fiction)
11 minutes
Directed by Devin Casario
Troubled troubadour and grieving father Anton drinks and debauches his way through a dark night of his soul, half-heartedly trying to resurrect his music career but mostly looking for oblivion.

6) The Letter Carrier (short fiction)
Directed by Jesse L. Martin and Rick Cosnett
18 minutes
A whistling nightmare stalks the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1860, hunting for children to sell into slavery. This is the musical story of one family's attempt to live their lives while keeping a weather eye out for the letter carrier.

About Cimmfest: Founded in 2008, the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival (CIMMfest) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization dedicated to exploring the relationship between music, movies, and visual media in all its forms. Bringing together films and filmmakers, music and musicians, art and artists, industry and audiences from around the world, CIMMfest celebrates creativity and discourse that showcase the power of collaboration.


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