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OPENING RECEPTION & PERFORMANCE - Robot Rauschenberg presents Sensitive Plant [5 Evenings]

Exhibition Dates: 
Aug 6th - Aug 28th

Sensitive Plant [5 Evenings] is the debut performance series and exhibition by Robot Rauschenberg, a new media and performance art collaborative founded in 2015 by Hugh Sato and Colin Mosely. Robot Rauschenberg (RR) brings together Chicago-based artists who use technology to explore the boundaries between natural and simulated organisms and environments. This particular iteration of RR incorporates work by Mosely and Sato, Zoe Stergiannis, Zsofi Valyi-Nagy, Andy Schwartz, and Eric Wolinsky.

Self-consciously embracing the role of artist as pseudoscientist, we begin with a simple question: we tend to our plants, but do we really care about them? Sensitive Plant considers how plants experience and remember trauma. Drawing on questionable scientific studies, mysticism, mythology, and personal storytelling, we employ technological devices and systems in an attempt to establish communication on plants' own terms. We ask, is it possible to empathize with and embody vegetation without anthropomorphizing it?

Through a series of 45-minute interactive performances as well as installations incorporating digital puppetry, 3D animation, video game environments, retro Galvanometers, and live flora, we seek to connect with plants by probing their formal qualities. We tell stories about attempting to communicate with plants, searching for alligators, and growing up in the Midwest. We encourage the audience to participate in a guided dialogue with a plant using their own electronic devices.