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Short Cut to Durango: Short Films program by the Little Mexico Film Festival

  • Comfort Station 2579 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

Comfort Film presents:

Short Cut To Durango

Short films program curated by
The Little Mexico Film Festival

Film Lineup:
85 mins total program.

Durango, México / ficción  / 12min
Dir: Eric Villa Cuánto
Tiempo estamos dispuestos para esperar el regreso de un ser amado, una vez que este lleva más de una década fuera de nuestras vidas. Las esperanzas de un vagabundo son tan largas como las vías de tren que espera le traigan de regreso el verdadero sentir de su vida.

Synopsis:  Time we are willing to await the return of a loved one, once it takes more than a decade out of our lives. Hopes of a vagabond are as long as the train tracks waiting for you to bring back the true feeling of his life.

Durango, México / Ficción / 15min
Dir: Pamela VelázquezEven
Synopsis: In the year 2016, in many countries around the world, kids and girls are sold by their own family, even knowing the unhappy future that wait for them. This is the story of Carmen, a teenager who decides to escape her situation at any price. Lose the past to gain a future.

 Hombre Pájaro
Durango, México / Ficción / 3min
Dir: José Angel Soto
Synopsis: Man who takes a flight to distant lands seeking support for his family.

Durango, México / Ficción / 11min
Dir: Andrei Maldonado
¿Cómo concevimos la inocencia? ¿Podrá caber en una caja musical? Para Alicia así es, y hará todo lo posible por recuperarla, incluso perder su madurez.

Synopsis: How do we conceive of innocence? Can it fit in a music box? Alicia so, and it makes every effort to recover, even lose their maturity.

Durango, México / Ficción / 10min
Dir: Johnatan Juárez Sariñana
La historia narra el despertar de un ente paranormal cuya tarea es castigar a todos aquellos que transgredan los limites eticos y morales que él posee en la cabeza.

Synopsis: The story chronicles the awakening of a paranormal entity whose task is to punish those who violate the ethical and moral limits that he has in his head

Durango, México / Ficción / 14min
Dir: David Rodríguez Estrada
Synopsis: Based on real history. In Durango, México a young middle-class couple, Jesus and Pamela take advantage of the country’s current implacable crime wave and invite two friends to take  part in a crime that violates the meaning of trust and friendship. Along with their new criminal enterprise they decide to kidnap Mateo, the younger brother of Jesu’s best friend for ransom. Their dangerous decision will soon metastasize into a cancer of their souls.

Come and see
Durango, México / Ficción / 7min
Dir: José Angel Soto & Antonio Delgado
Synopsis: An itinerant actor carries his "Magic Box" from town to town giving shows for a living . Inside that box, a mysterious spectacle is hidden that viewers will discover.

About the Little México Film Festival:
The Little México Film Festival or LiMe Film Fest an itinerant & international festival of short films by independent filmmakers, was founded in 2010 in the Little Village Chicago Il. to provide a constructive platform for filmmakers of any skill level and provide an opportunity to explore issues that affect communities through dialogue. 
LiMe Film Fest seeks to expose cinematic talent of all ages and levels and welcomes all media/audiovisual individuals and arts organizations to participate. All selections will be screened during LiMe Film Fest, October 2016 at OPEN Center for the Arts. 
As an annual theme festival this 2016, LiMe's theme is focused on the topic of
"Censorship & Free Speech." exploring what this topic means for each one of the participants in this short film contest. During the festival in October, we will be hosting a discussion panel to explore the theme along with the students' short films as well as a Q/A session with the students to talk about their films and process.