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Outdoor Film screenings are at dusk (sundown) out on the Comfort Station lawn.

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Comfort Society Presents: Paul Booth on Monsters in Pop Culture

Comfort Society is proud to present Dr. Paul Booth's lecture on monsters in pop culture.

"There has rarely been a time when monsters were not a major focus of popular culture. From the early Grimm Fairy tales to the ancient monsters of Jewish and Christian mythology, our cultural history is peopled by strange, wondrous, fantastic, and dangerous creatures. Today, many of these same monsters have become increasingly viable commodities, from Dracula costumes to Twilight books. The presence of monsters in our culture has never waned, but what changes have occurred in these depictions of monsters? In this talk, I will explore both a historical retrospective of the “monster” and a critical examination of the cultural factors that help us make sense of monsters in our everyday popular culture."

Paul Booth is an associate professor of Media and Cinema Studies in the College of Communication at DePaul University. His latest books are Playing Fans: Negotiating Fandom and Media in the Digital Age and Game Play: Paratextual in Contemporary Board Games.

Comfort Society is a weekly lecture series held Sundays at 1 during the Logan Square Farmer's Market. Lecture topics range from the useful to the unexpected. Sponsored by Intelligentsia Coffee.