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Comfort Film presents Moment of Truth: Christian Horror and "Scare" Films: Fred Carpenter Films

  • Comfort Station 2579 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

Comfort Film presents a new bi-monthly film Series
Moment of Truth: Christian Horror and "Scare" Films.
Curated and Presented by Jason Coffman.

Films by Fred Carpenter
One in a Million (1986, 17 minutes)
Without Reservation (1988, 25 minutes)
Moment of Truth (1992, 30 minutes)

Fred Carpenter made a series of shorts in the 1980s and 1990s covering a range of popular subjects, frequently using concepts typically associated with horror and science fiction cinema. "One in a Million" is a "Twilight Zone"-esque anti-abortion story, "Without Reservation" finds a group of rebellious teens stuck in a dark purgatory after getting in a drunk driving accident, and "Moment of Truth" follows a teenager being watched over by two angels in a Heaven that looks a lot like a spaceship while a demon tries to tempt the boy away from hearing about the love of Jesus. Carpenter's films in the 1980s and 1990s seemed to indicate a genuine interest in genre cinema, although he has since moved away from this type of film and into more overtly evangelical filmmaking. Carpenter produced and released these films through Texas-based Mars Hill Productions, which is still around today.

Media: Digital Projection


About Christian Horror or "Scare Films":
Films produced and/or distributed by and/or marketed to Christians featuring content that promotes Christianity and its tenets through attempting to strike fear in the hearts of their audience. Most of these are apocalypse-themed, others are smaller in scope but still present horrible consequences for transgressions.
These are films that are meant to inspire non-believers to convert and/or reinforce the beliefs of Christian viewers by showing the consequences of wrong actions and remind them of what will happen during the biblical apocalypse and/or after death.--Jason Coffman