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OPENING RECEPTION | Whatever You Residue Don't Leave Me - New work by E. Aaron Ross

Show runs: March 5th - March 26th

MARCH 5th: 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Exhibition opening.

Public Hours:
Every Sunday 11a-2pm

E. Aaron Ross’ show confronts the viewer with the repeated visual of decay: moldy loaves of bread encased in blocks of resin; a table top covered in shattered glass and festering milk; the mysterious monolith that reveals itself as a semen-soaked blanket.

These performance relics rally against the volatility of a constantly changing present – the cascade of moments in time that blur out what preceded.

“I don’t like thinking about things abstractly,” said Ross, “and I use my work to fight against convenient disassociation.” We naturally disassociate ourselves from concepts that cause us discomfort; but Ross' elegant aesthetic lures us in and then confronts with the violence and absurdity of the day to day.

Ross pushes himself to uncomfortable lengths in order to communicate the universal human experience of time and decay. Wrestling grey and relative concepts into chaotic tangibility – into video, performance, and sculpture.

Whatever you Residue Don't Leave Me is curated by Jessie Devereaux for Comfort Station Logan Square.

E. AARON ROSS is an artist living and working in the city of Chicago. A graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago with BFA degrees in Graphic Design and Moving Image (video / film / studio art). Ross currently curates at the independent art space Captive Audience Screening Gallery. He may also be recognized from years past performing with Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way, Plan of Attack, Encyclopedia Brown, Sidewalk, Meah, and Maribelle.