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Comfort Music: Sources of Light | Phase II

Comfort Music, every Thursday

Doors open at 7pm, show starts promptly at 7:30pm

No cover (donations encouraged and appreciated!)

**No Alcohol is permitted at Comfort Station**

Interdisciplinary artist and Director of Lightlessness Matthew James Manowski is opening up Pandora’s box for the second straight year. Sources of Light | Phase II his sound art festival, is pushing modern and highly experimental composers and their work into the city. Last year he launched its first manifestation in Seattle. Now after a cross-country move its Chicago’s turn. He recently described Sources of Light, as an innovative platform for sound artists and experimenters to exhibit new audio projects. Phase II will feature four artists to premiere brave new sound etchings, the roster includes:

Alessa aka Pollination Tech, a creature of the queer and underground scene in Chicago who has slowly made her transition from host/promoter to DJ/producer. Her mixes create a darker environment, melding industrial, techno, noise, new wave and the like. For Sources of Light | Phase II she'll be combining her fabrication knowledge with audio to transport you to her realm.

David Means, the Minneapolis-based Composer, Arts Professor and 2016 recipient of the McKnight Composer Fellowship, will present Black Mountain/Blue Ridge: Two piezo transducers which sample the vibrations of flexible wires attached to a four-sided notational pyramid. The score suggests pitches and percussive actions which become audio signals that are live processed and sent into various time, frequency, and timbrel shifts using digital touch pads.

Rick Schlude, a Chicagoland engineer/artist is set to present a project rooted in his experiences over the last two years relating to: infrastructure, city planning, bureaucracy, government-mandated quotas/regulations and their influences. 

Matthew James Manowski will be performing as his alter-ego/moniker Perfect Messages. Under this guise, Manowski conjures up an atmosphere of hazy texture by manipulating various electronic devices, speckled with dynamic frequencies, shadowy looping and stark vocal cuts. His abstracted sound designs seep relentlessly into the auditory field.

Manowski’s art career has been profoundly shaped through his collaborations with a wide range of collaborative/experimental groups over the last 10 years. He studied Sociology and Intermedia Arts at Metropolitan State and recently acquired his MFAL from Seattle University. He has exhibited work in Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Seattle at various galleries and performance spaces. Manowski works within but not exclusively with: video, sound, block printing, visual design, photography, writing and performance. Currently he runs the Chicago-based collective Lightlessness. He also recently joined Mozawa, the Chicago-based interdisciplinary performance organization.