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Comfort Society Presents: Johnny Sampson and CHema Skandal!

Comfort Station is proud to present a lecture in collaboration with #ZINEmercado Logan Square Independent Zine Fest.

As part of the inaugural edition of #ZINEmercado, two of the exhibiting zinesters will share personal stories and insight in the world of self-publication. Illustrators Johnny Sampson and CHema Skandal! will have a bilingual (Skandal! in Españoland Sampson in English), about their formation as artists, the crossroads between graphic arts and music in the DIY culture, and their thoughts of the future of the self-publication, good old Xeroxed paper and glue sticks, in the digital age.

ZINEmercado - Logan Square Independent Zine Fest is a non-profit organization which aims to bring fanzine makers together to showcase their work and interact with other artists, enthusiasts and public in general. 

Johnny Sampson is an American Cartoonist and illustrator based in Chicagoland. He likes to make funny pictures, posters, and songs. Clients include: MAD Magazine, National Lampoons, The NY Times, Lucky Peach, Mother Jones, VICE, Chicago Reader, Pitchfork, The Pitchfork Review, In The Red Records, Monster Club, Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse, Upton's Naturals, MISHKA, The Hundreds, Converse, Red Bull Sound Select and others.

CHema Skandal! is a Chicago based Graphic Artist. He was born in México City and attended National Autonomous University of México's Art Academy. He is an enthusiast of hand-made graphics and traditional printing techniques. His work is frequently inspired by pop culture, going from cartoons and music to social issues and politics. It has been featured in a wide range of publications as fanzines, newspapers, magazines, posters, curated Illustration Catalogues and also in Fine Art exhibitions all around the globe. He currently works in personal projects and commissions for different clients.

Comfort Society is a weekly lecture series held Sundays at 1 during the Logan Square Farmer's Market. Lecture topics range from the useful to the unexpected. Sponsored by Intelligentsia Coffee.

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