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Comfort Film and Little House co-present 'Counter-montages, Tinkering subjectivity' a shorts film program by Mexico City's VICO Project

  • Little House 1851 S Allport St Chicago, IL, 60608 United States (map)

Comfort Film and Little House co-present:

'Counter-montages, Tinkering subjectivity'

A shorts Film Program and Talk by Mexico City's VICO: videoclub of expanded operation. Experimental shorts from Mexico City premiering for the first time in Chicago.
Presented by Javier Toscano of VICO.

This selection of works stems out of a structure of collective reflections around the ideas of appropriation, political identity formations and the expanded common space of the digital field. The founding idea behind the production of these pieces is the possibility of interconnecting interpretations and desires through different times and contexts, providing thus new readings of a shared reality. Along the production process, individuals have confronted themselves to the structure of their own cultural prejudices, and by recognizing their subjective implications, propose visual fugues and other unconventional constructions. The Counter-montages production is the main outcome of a seminar coordinated by Javier Toscano, within the context of VICO activities. 
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Total screening time: ca. 45 min. 
Media: Digital Projection

Videos and runtimes:
Situated Glances / Carla N. Martínez / 3:08min / 2013
Coatetelco / Héctor Jiménez / 3:54min / 2013
My Sweet 15 / Dulce Rosas / 4:36min / 2012
Flight and Fall / Emil García / 4:12min / 2012
Television Hero/ Erika Loana / 2:16min / 2013
Red Vase and Bukanans/ Señor N / 3:53min / 2013
Using the Public Space as a Stage. Public Transport System-Metro / David Moreno Ramírez / 5:36min / 2012
To feel, To touch / Carlos Cruz & Grisel Castro / 2:50min / 2013
Soundgraphy of Memory / Alicia Fernández / 4:18min / 2013
New releases (worldwide):
Narco Nation / Rodrigo Ramos / 9:57min / 2015
Stream of Consciousness / Andrés Negrete / 2:40min / 2015

About Little House
Little House is an artist-run microcinema in Pilsen.

About VICO

VICO, videoclub of expanded operation
A project by Chloé Fricout and Javier Toscano

VICO is a movable device, a dynamic mini-archive of video that is activated through different operations. It is operated through a nomadic chassis that travels to different places, in Mexico and abroad, for its exhibition, and through which current artistic research, the conformation of local identities, media-based political expressions and other configurations of the mediasphere are examined. Its final aim is to affect in different forms the cultural inertias of a collective memory.

One of the project’s strongholds are the bartering sessions, events where video pieces are exchanged and through which the database keeps constantly growing. Other components include the seminars and workshops of civic engagement, and the visual derives, where specific agents offer to guide a route that links images, networks and diverse archives together