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Temple Music XV (ft. Páciens Trine (MN) & Exael)

The fifteenth Temple Music is here! This does not mean anything, except for the fact that the number fifteen is divisible by five which might please some OCD people. More importantly we will have sound artist Páciens Trine of Minneapolis performing along with Chicago's own Exael.

Páciens Trine (MN)
Páciens Trine of Minneapolis will be constructing explorative and ecstatic sound sculptures for the fifteenth incarnation of Temple Music. His wizardry is displayed by use of sound samples that are intricately spliced, mangled, distorted, and stretched over space and time. He also helps run the Cairn Desk imprint where you can observe his other artistic endeavors taking place.

A definite force of the Chicago scene, Exael exudes eccentric energy in relation to the idea of techno music. When listening to his recordings ("ACTAEON" released this year through Beer On The Rug), one can imagine it as a mass of fog blowing through heads of a techno show that doesn't seem to have any beginning or end to it. Deep, fogged out, and unrelenting.

- < - > - < - > - < - > - < - > - < - > - < - > - < - > - < - > - < - > - < - > -

If you wish to catch the entire event, make sure to arrive on time. It will be the perfect segue to the rest of yr Saturday evening as we will be finished by around 9PM, if not before. Feel free to donate to the artists as well! Also, there is NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.

Come out, enjoy the sounds that surround you, and respect the space!