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Temple Music XIII (ft. Darkly (GR) & Usagi (GR))

Join the 13th edition of Temple Music in the month of June for a very special performance from two dryfty Michigan acts, both from the city of Grand Rapids. They will be embodying the summer spirit of Temple Music in a most wonderful form. Darkly being an artist deeply ingrained within the Grand Rapids scene, performing also in the deconstructive pop group CARE, while it turns out to be Usagi's debut performance intending to lay out 8-bit waves of sun soaked beach bliss. It may be a while before these artists come back to Chicago so you will not want to miss this special show!

Darkly (GR)
Joshua Weible has come out of the woodwork within the past year constructing beat-laden electronic drifts with his debut track and music video, "Convenience Store Spook". This artist is definitely blowing up as he has been crafting flawless tracks and pulling a solid following within his hometown of Grand Rapids. With a deep intuition of spatialization, his tracks lead you on a path through a forest of shadows only to find yrself glowing from within on a bed of moss.

Usagi (GR)
The debut performance of the yung Jonson. With his first release being a collaboration between himself and Dav B., called Glimmer Twins on uh tapes (CHI), he has only dove deeper into the realm of sampling and electronics in a solo manner. Utilizing a Gameboy among various other electronic devices, Usagi will lull you into a pre-dusk daydream with his delicate 8-bit meanderings.

Invite your friends! 

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If you wish to catch the entire event, make sure to arrive on time. It will be the perfect segue to the rest of yr Saturday evening as we will be finished by around 9PM, if not before. Feel free to donate to the artists as well! Also, there is NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.

Come out, enjoy the sounds that surround you, and respect the space!

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