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Outdoor Film screenings are at dusk (sundown) out on the Comfort Station lawn.

Music performances happen every Thursday at 7pm

Art openings happen the first Saturday of every month, and are displayed for the entirety of the month

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Temple Music XII (ft. Floating Gardens & Mike Sugarman)

A third season of Temple Music has arrived, yr resident meditative ambient series hosted at Comfort Station Logan Square once a month! To kick this year off we have thee Floating Gardens performing for the first time since the first Temple Music in September of 2013!! The evening will also feature the keenly skilled and versatile artist, Mike Sugarman, who will be performing some new minimal ambient delights for us! We are also excited to have Rae Whitlock conjuring some entrancing and calming visuals for the evening. You are welcome to bring yr own pillows, blankets, or yoga mats to enjoy the music in a relaxed way. Come early and hang out! An event not to miss!

Floating Gardens
The synthesizer project of Eric Hanss, Floating Gardens, is steeped deeply in the roots of ecstatic New Age music. His floating tones, bird calls, and mono synth noodling will bring you to an oasis far beyond the physical realm.

Mike Sugarman
An artist of many flavors, Mike will be presenting some of his newest work which is minimalist inspired ambient music. His honed yet sprawling sounds hypnotize the acutely aware and lull the unaware.

Rae Whitlock
A visual and performance artist that has done many of the visuals for Temple Music in the past. Her work with video feedback and meticulously edited videos are as beautiful as they are trance inducing.

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If you wish to catch the entire event, make sure to arrive on time. It will be the perfect segue to the rest of yr Saturday evening as we will be finished by around 9PM, if not before. Feel free to donate to the artists as well! Also, there is NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.

Come out, enjoy the sounds that surround you, and respect the space!