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Comfort Film Presents: Killer Makeover fundraiser with a screening of 'Video Diary of a Lost Girl'

Comfort Film Presents: 

"Killer Makeover" fundraiser with a screening of 'Video Diary of a Lost Girl' 

This screening is to benfit the making of the new moive "Killer Makeover" by Lindsay Denniberg.

Killer Makeover is about a badass beauty school dropout named Karen, who gets a curse put on her so that anyone she beautifies…dies! She soon starts working at a funeral home as a freelance mortician and finds romance and creative liberation among the dead! But someone at the mortuary wants to use Karen’s curse for more than just an open casket. Killer Makeover will be a psychedelic dark comedy with a look to die for!

Video Diary of a Lost GIrl (2012)
Winner of the Chicago Underground Film Festival Audience Award.

Lilith was made from the dust like Adam, and therefore considered herself his equal. Adam did not agree, so Lilith escaped from the Garden of Eden, and copulated with hundreds of demons near the red sea, giving birth to the Lilin. 

The Lilin still exist today, and new Lilin are born as fully grown women (once every hundred years, a new Lilin rises from the dust of the earth). They are immortal, and must have sex with a man every full moon instead of menstruating, or else they will bleed to death! The catch is though, every man who sleeps with them, dies!

Now present day, our main character Louise has been around since the 1920's. She is starting to see the reincarnation of the only man she ever loved, Charlie. (Louise accidentally killed Charlie before realizing she was a Lilin). Now Louise must struggle with staying away from the love of her life, or risk losing him a second time!

Director: Lindsay Denniberg
Writers: Lindsay Denniberg, Chris Shields
Stars: Priscilla McEver, Chris Shields, Monica Panzarino, Casey Puccini, Erica Gressman
Produced by: Erin Nixen

Media: Digital Projection

Homemade Gormet Popcorn will be sold for donation to fund the making of a Killer Makeover.
Happy Halloween!