Film screenings happen every Wednesday at 8pm

Outdoor Film screenings are at dusk (sundown) out on the Comfort Station lawn.

Music performances happen every Thursday at 7pm

Art openings happen the first Saturday of every month, and are displayed for the entirety of the month

All other events happen intermittently


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Invisible Touch : The Works of Johnny Young , Aaron Zarzutski and Andrew Clinkman.

  • Comfort Station 2579 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States (map)

Invisible Touch : The Works of Johnny Young , Aaron Zarzutski and Andrew Clinkman.

JOHNNY YOUNG, as Bill Meyer writes, "works and lives in Chicago, but when you play his tape II you get the idea that he wants to be somewhere else. It’s not because he plays acoustic guitar; it’s a practical instrument if you want to make music in an apartment building, and the things sound great in rooms with hardwood floors. And it’s not because his playing suggests a more than passing acquaintance with players of the Takoma School; Fahey named his label for a place he had left, not a place he wanted to be, and as much as the guy wrote and talked about his past, he didn’t want to go back there. But check the titles “Boonesborough Trail,” “King Of Rapid River,” and “Going To Pleasant Valley.” That’s half a record devoted to places situated far away. Young plays to transport himself elsewhere, and you too if you’re inclined to keep up. But don’t dally or you might miss out; it’s obvious from the fleetness of his picking that he’s ready to be on his way."

Chicago Guitarist Andrew Clinkman employs glistening chord clusters and zig-zagging lines to generate an auricular terrain that imitates the natural world. Recent recordings include "The Joy of Cooking" available from Lake Paradise Records.