Film screenings happen every Wednesday at 8pm

Outdoor Film screenings are at dusk (sundown) out on the Comfort Station lawn.

Music performances happen every Thursday at 7pm

Art openings happen the first Saturday of every month, and are displayed for the entirety of the month

All other events happen intermittently


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Tru Touch: Spa of Guided Conversation

Tru Touch: Spa of Guided Conversation invites you to take part in an immersive sensual experience. Intimate one-on-one manicures take place in a range of locations. Each session features exchanges to be determined and live improvised spa soundtracks.

Tru Touch: Comfort Station Logan Square 
to book an appointment call (209) TRU-7119
or visit 

Manicures and guided conversation, Rachel Ellison

Tuesday September 23, 5-8 pm
Receptionist, Jesse Malmed
Spa Soundtracks, Jessie Winslow


Tuesday September 30, 5-8 pm
Receptionist, Paul Somers
Spa Soundtracks, Jessie Winslow

Photo Credit: Nabiha Khan