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It ended with my putting it on: Matt Woodward + Wrekmeister Harmonies

The Second, Loomis Street, Matt Woodward, 6’x6’, Mixed-media on Paper, 2014

Opening reception: Saturday, October 4, 6-10p
Exhibition Dates: Oct. 4 - Nov. 2, 2014
Hunters Moon Hunt, Blood Moon Blood, Wrekmeister Harmonies performance: Friday, Oct. 31, 8p 

Woodward diverges from his signature aesthetic of heavily wrought, large-scale drawings of decorative architectural detail and presents a new body of experimental multimedia pieces installed to consciously interrupt the historic Comfort Station interior – ignoring window frames, blocking walkways, underfoot and unavoidable. Woodward’s obsessive mark making is no longer the objective -- in this show he steps away from his singular interest with the decorative architectural image and further privileges sculpture.

Wrekmeister Harmonies presents Hunter's Moon Hunt, Blood Moon Blood, a sonic piece created in response to Woodward’s work. The sounds of Hunter's Moon Hunt will fill the space during the run of the show and will be culminate in a live Wrekmeister Harmonies performance at Comfort Station on October 31. Woodward and Wrekmeister also collaborate with Comfort Music, Comfort Station’s weekly music series, to book musicians to perform every Thursday for the month of October.

He began to dress hurriedly. "If I'm done for, I'm done for! It's all one... I'll put the sock on!" He thought suddenly, "it will get more dirt rubbed into it and all the stains will disappear." But no sooner has he put it on then he dragged it off again--and again he laughed, "This is all conditional, all relative, all merely forms," flashed into one corner of his mind, while his whole body trembled. "I did put it on, after all. It ended with my putting it on."

–Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment

The exhibition is curated by Jessie Devereaux for Comfort Station.

For more information, contact Jessie Devereaux at