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The Blood Sisters play The Phantom Carriage


July 3rd at 8pm Comfort Film will host the first of 2018's long running series - Silent Films and Loud Music. Local bands create an original score to a silent film and perform live on the Comfort Station lawn. One of our most popular programs, we get to bring together local musicians and classic - sometimes forgotten - silent films. Every iteration of this series has revealed different story, and we continue this journey tonight with local synth band The Blood Sisters. 

I got to ask Adam, Alex, Andrew and Mattie AKA the Blood Sisters about the formation of their group and their program.

Q: How did the Blood Sisters meet?

We all met each other over the course of the summer and fall of 2016. One person was friends with another who was friends with another person and so on.  Before long we had started hanging out and playing music together.

Q: How did y’all become the blood sisters?

I’d say we were born that way.

Q: How did the band’s style evolve? 

The four of us have been playing music together in our band Jungle Green with two other friends for about two years now, but have worked on other projects here and there, too. We are usually playing as a rock band but are often splitting into side projects to make short records or for one off performances like this. It’s a new thing for us to be using samplers and synthesizers as a four piece—but it keeps things fun and interesting.

Q: Who inspires you right now?

All of us have different taste, so it’s hard to say, but for this project I’d say some of us were drawing on William Basinski or Brian Eno while others were thinking about noisier music like Black Dice.

Q: Why The Phantom Carriage?

To be honest, the name caught our eye and the Wikipedia entry was interesting. We had never seen the film until playing along to it to prepare for the performance. We’re glad we picked it. It’s a great movie.

Q: Have you been to the loud music/silent movies at Comfort before? What made you want to play one?

None of us have, but it was a great opportunity to do something different while spending a summer night outside.

The Blood Sisters are Mattie Mcall, Adam Obermeier, Alex Heaney, Andrew Smith and you can see them and their synths - performing tonight on the Comfort Station lawn at 8:30 pm, for free. Check out their other work - as part of Jungle Green, here

All donations collected will go directly to The Blood Sisters.