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Logan Square and Comfort Stations Independent MicroCinema. Screening local filmmakers, foreign, independent, cult, and classic films at Comfort Station.

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Comfort Film Programming staff is made up of:

Raul Benitez  Lead Film programmer.
Nando Espinosa  Lead Film programmer.
Clare Manning  Assistant Film programmer.
Emily Perez  Assistant Film programmer.

This week we welcome Mexican Horror Film Maker Ulises Ulicardo Guzman Reyes and films from the Czech Republic.

This week we welcome from Mexico Ulises Ulicardo Guzman Reyes as we host three screenings with the Mexican Horror Film Director. On Wednesday night We screen Guzman's horror documentary ALUCARDOS Retrato de un Vampiro (2011, ALUCARDOS Portrait of a Vampire. Then on Thursday at La Catrina Cafe Guzman will screen a selection of Horror Short films from theFERATUM FILM FEST along with a talk. Then Friday night back at Comfort Station Logan Square Guzman will introduce his short 7 Veces 7 (7 Times 7) that is part of the horror anthology film MÉXICO BÁRBARO. Wednesday and Friday's screenings start at 8pm and the screening at La Catrina Cafe starts at 7pm. 

Also this week on Sunday September 18th we host the Little Mexico Film Festival as they bring films from the Czech Republic.

Films from the Czech Republic introduced by actress and film director Petra Nesvačilová (FAMU).

PG – Parental Guidance Suggested


The Graffitiger (2010) 10 min. Animation
Dir: Libor Pixa (Director, screenwriter, animator, designer)

The film Graffitiger is a witty and a slightly melancholic story of a lonely graffiti-tiger, whose home-place are walls and facades of Prague buildings. The city, full of dirty corners and streets covered with graffities, is a wild jungle, where the tiger looks for his lost love. The thrilling and on the other hand cheerful story is made by using the actractive combination of 2D drawn animation and live action with actors.

Peacock (2015) 27 min. Comedy
Dir: Ondřej Hudeček (Directed, Photographed and Edited)

Bohemia, 19th Century. Ladislav, the mischievous son of a landlord, terrorizes the village with cruel jokes. War breaks and Ladislav is forced to hide in a monastery, where he unexpectedly discovers his hidden desires. He returns home and befriends Jan, a sensitive young poet. Together they experience moments of undiluted happiness. However, passionate Ladislav soon becomes jealous and his endeavor to dominate Jan triggers a series of grievous events... A dramatic history of the rise of one of the most influential Czech writers, paved with flesh, bones and blood. A black comedy based on a true story, a queer literary encyclopedia, and a historical picture book in one.

Girls Full of Eco Emotions (2011) 11 min. Documentary short.
Dir: Monika Midriaková

Young naive girls are trying to conceive how they can prepare themselves for the end of the world, economy crisis, for living in community and for life itself.

Resort (2015) 26 min. Documentary short.
Dir: Martin Hrubý (Writer and Director)

At the beginning of the 1960s a secret summer getaway for the communist establishment was developed on the banks of Orlík reservoir. The architecturally unique resort was designed by the most progressive Czech names in the field – they had been purposefully imprisoned to force them to work on state projects. In the days of unrestrained capitalism following the revolution, the site came into the hands of now notorious businessmen. This nontraditional documentary portrait, suffused with an air of mystery, captures the genius loci and turbulent history of a hidden summer paradise that was left off every map.

I've Got My Fingers In Honey (2011) Documentary short.
Dir: Petra Nesvačilová – IN PERSON! 

Film tells the story, in poetic moments of silence, of the director’s meeting with Ivan Medek and the artist Tereza. The words from a long-ago interview with a Czech moralist talking about male honor shift the random, fluctuating images into the reality of an imbalanced relationship between a modern woman and a conflicted actor. 

All screenings are free with suggested donation.