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Comfort Film Programming staff is made up of:

Raul Benitez  Lead Film programmer.
Nando Espinosa  Lead Film programmer.
Clare Manning  Assistant Film programmer.
Emily Perez  Assistant Film programmer.

One of the Greats Lon Chaney in one of the Greatest Horror movies.

Lon Chaney Sr. by any measure is one of moving pictures greatest actors even if he mostly starred in silent era films. He has played a Chinese immigrant, a legless gangster, a clown, and an armless circus performer among other great characters. So we were really excited to know that we would be screening Silent film horror classic Phantom of the Opera.                                 Part of the process of choosing the silent films we are going to screen is that  we let the bands who agree to do a movie choose the movie. Through that we noticed that a lot of the bands choose darker themed movies and or horror films. Out of all those Phantom of the Opera is definitely the biggest of the horror films of the silent era we have ever shown. In fact we were surprised it has not been picked earlier.                                                                                                                Obviously the story of the Phantom of the Opera has a lot of history and from the novel it has been made into plays, films, comic books and graphic novels. In fact there is a whole Wikipedia entry on just the adaptations of the it. There has even been 7 separate TV shows based on this amazing novel.  Out of all those adaptations I think Lon Chaney's portrayal is the closest to novel. His amazing acting skills and facial geastures really bring out how scary and horrible the character of the Pantom is but also the tragedy and sadness the Phantom has inside of him.       The Film features some amazing sets and other great performances with the supporting actors.


We are so glad to present this film to you with  Echo Haus doing a live score for the film.  He will be joined by special guest Angelspit. From what we understand they have been working on this for a couple months now and we can't wait to hear that and share it with you.