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Raul Benitez  Lead Film programmer.
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New Year New Film Series.

We are happy to announce a new film series that will partner along with our current series "Released and Abandoned: Forgotten Oddities of the Home Video Era".

The new series is called 

Moment of Truth: Christian Horror and "Scare" Films

Presented to us by Medium and Daily Grindhouse reviewer Jason Coffman

Here is the lineup for this season:

May 25th 8pm 

Films by Fred Carpenter

One in a Million (1986, 17 minutes)

Without Reservation (1988, 25 minutes)

Moment of Truth (1992, 30 minutes)

Fred Carpenter made a series of shorts in the 1980s and 1990s covering a range of popular subjects, frequently using concepts typically associated with horror and science fiction cinema. "One in a Million" is a "Twilight Zone"-esque anti-abortion story, "Without Reservation" finds a group of rebellious teens stuck in a dark purgatory after getting in a drunk driving accident, and "Moment of Truth" follows a teenager being watched over by two angels in a Heaven that looks a lot like a spaceship while a demon tries to tempt the boy away from hearing about the love of Jesus. Carpenter's films in the 1980s and 1990s seemed to indicate a genuine interest in genre cinema, although he has since moved away from this type of film and into more overtly evangelical filmmaking. Carpenter produced and released these films through Texas-based Mars Hill Productions, which is still around today.

September 28th 8pm 

Christian Horror Nollywood Style

666: Beware the End Is at Hand (2007, 67 minutes, directed by Ugo Ugbor)

The Signs of Endtime 2 (2007, 70 minutes, directed by Ugo Ugbor)

Nigerian cinema (or "Nollywood") is one of the largest and most prolific producers of films on the planet. A frequent approach to filmmaking for Nollywood productions is to split films into multiple parts, and to sequelize across multiple different titles. This program includes the first and last films in director Ugo Ugbor's Christian horror series 666, which tell the story of Satan and his minions constantly trying to destroy good men of God leading up to the end of the world. The first film introduces Satan, who appears as both a bearded man on a throne and an evil child on Earth. The final film concludes the story as Satan and his demons prepare their final overthrow of mankind.

November 30th 8pm 

Teenagers in Hell

Worm (2007, 30 minutes, dir. Karen Seimears) 

M 10.28 (1999, 50 minutes, dir. Bruce Neubauer)

Unsurprisingly, Hell is a fairly popular subject in Christian cinema. "Worm" is the Christian teen scare film pared down to its barest essentials: Adam is in Hell, which is a black void where his shouting echoes massively. He is utterly alone. He remembers events from his life, mostly those when he should have taken the opportunity to come to Jesus, and screams at his past self in hopes of changing his fate. In "M 10.28," independent filmmaker Bruce Neubauer shows what happens when a teenage girl sneaks away from a church lock-in to go to a party with boys and beer. She ends up in a Hell where monstrous demons torment the damned in claustrophobic caves, lined with bars and barbed wire.

Jason Coffman will present each film and have a brief Q&A after.

The event is free.